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314 N State St.
Orem, UT 84057

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.88 8.06 7.69 8.21
# 1610798.67
it is fast and inexpensive and definitely all american so again you get what you pay for. they even have some pretty decent desserts in addition to the famous chili cheese fries
# 158988.33
Great fast food!
# 1410888.67
Great place to eat, always have competitive prices.
# 139888.33
Fast and very inexpensive!
# 1271057.33
servicec is about the same as other fast food places, but the food is great, BEST chili in utah county. prices are a little high but worth it.
# 117566.00
They have ok food. Good prices though
# 108898.33
Love the jalepeno poppers
# 910101010.00
I love kauat dogs
# 89999.00
# 79988.67
we always get the chili dogs, chili burgers and corn dogs. love all of these.
# 6101079.00
Service could be improved as could store layout, but food always tastes good and is cheap.
# 58787.67
# 410101010.00
# 310767.67
not great for a hot dog the cheese fries are good
# 210888.67
This one is for my father in law who goes here almost daily. They always have coupons and are the best chili dogs in the state for the price you have to pay.
# 17445.00
The food was cold, the service was slow and the owner or manager (who ever he was) was very reluctant to help. Sorry, but it's not worth going back!!!

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