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2494 N. University Parkway
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 418-0266

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 6.95 8.95 8.55 8.15
# 444997.33
Way too overpriced. Decent walls, but without a good coupon, it is far too expensive.
# 438998.67
We had a very unusual date night here & the staff was really friendly.
# 428898.33
# 418898.33
# 4051098.00
expensive but so much fun especially now that it is cold
# 39101099.67
Friendly employees here. Good place to meet climbers, and people in general. Lots of fun.
# 385786.67
This place is pricey, but it is tons of fun. Their employees are pretty helpful. It always seems crowded though.
# 375887.00
great climing place. but a little to expensive. realy injoyed it though. spent most of the day there, one saturday. and loved it.
# 368888.00
I love rock climbing and this indoor area was still fun.
# 3571078.00
My wife and I went here and the price seemed great if you planned on spending all day. We only wanted to spend an hour or less but the price was the same.
# 34910109.67
I love this place. Fun rock climbing. Kind of expensive though.
# 338998.67
fun but expensive
# 328998.67
Very fun place to work out in. It's always very clean and the only place like it around Utah Valley.
# 31310107.67
So expensive...I couldn't believe it! But it really was a lot of fun.
# 3081088.67
Fantastic climbing experience, and a lot of fun. Just be ready for a sore butt if you've never done it before!
# 297687.00
High prices for not much customer service.
# 287988.00
Thanks for your service. It was great. I enjoyed the rock walls.
# 276998.00
# 264987.00
A good center though a bit on the pricey side for non-professionals.
# 255987.33
Good climbing but really quite expensive if you can't go very often.
# 246987.67
Great place to climb.
# 236887.33
it's a fun enviroment, but is too costly if your only going for a few days.
# 227787.33
Used to be better, routes are getting more dull.
# 218998.67
This place is a blast- especially when the weather's bad. A little expensive.
# 202875.67
Alot of fun but extremely overpriced for climbing novists.
# 1910101010.00
it is the coolest place on the earth i go there every other day it is a way to chalenge yourself in ways you never expected, the quarry has amazing staff and they will always help ... [Read More]
# 188998.67
# 177998.33
# 16510108.33
# 15810109.33
Rock climbing is fun but a very expensive sport. i think the prices are a little high; especially with the bigger majority of the age group being younger. a little cheaper or som... [Read More]
# 1471088.33
The Quarry is a wonderful place for both the beginner and the expert I would recomend it to anyone!
# 137998.33
The best indoor climbing I have done.
# 126676.33
they were the same as most of the ones in saltlake which are only fare.
# 11910109.67
# 1010101010.00
# 9910109.67
# 84966.33
This place is expensive, but is fun. The fact is for the price, it is not worth it.
# 771088.33
# 67967.33
# 591099.33
I think the Quarry is one of the best in door climbing facilities I have ever been to. I would recommend the Quarry to beginners and advanced climber for challenges of all dificul... [Read More]

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