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570 E Main
Lehi, UT 84043

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.10 7.80 7.30 7.73
# 107967.33
Artic Ciclre has the best fries in the world!
# 97777.00
Service is sometimes great and sometimes not so great. We ordered fish and it came TOO well done. We should have returned it but we did not and that is the last time we have eate... [Read More]
# 82512.67
SLOW, SLOW, SLOW and too expensive. We waited 10 mins at the counter before anyone could even take our order! And after we ordered, fries, shakes and burgers, it was another 15... [Read More]
# 76787.00
# 610999.33
This is my favorite place to get ice cream cones. You can't beat 39 cents and everyone there is really nice and is always very helpful.
# 5101099.67
Service was fast and the fries were nice and HOT!
# 410999.33
# 39878.00
# 210999.33
# 110587.67
I like their cone for only 39 cents

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