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10713 N 6340 W
Highland, UT 84003-8008
801-830-3353Hours: Open All Day and All Night
Price Range: Plans to match any budget

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# 6510101010.00
New to this site. So far I loved the free coupons you offer. Looking forward to using this site often!... [Read More]
# 6410101010.00
i love all of the free coupons and have used quite a few already, its been great getting out and getting to know my community and surroundings with these coupons. Thank you!
# 6310101010.00
What's not to love - free coupons!!!
# 6210101010.00
I hope that as they gain more and more publicity they stay as good of a deal for the consumer. It is a great location to go to see ratings for businesses, and I get free stuff for ... [Read More]
# 6110101010.00
A friend referred me to this site & I love being able to get my experiences with companies out there. If I get the certificates for doing it, all the better - we'll see.
# 6010101010.00
As a professional secret shopper/auditor I get to rate places I go on a daily basis, provide my opinion, receive coupons, certificates or get paid. I love this site!
# 59101099.67
I love this website I feel it very helpful not only for coupons but to get some insider information on some of these companies. I love the gift cards they offer it is totally worth... [Read More]
# 5881099.00
cool Idea, I like the website
# 57109109.67
I am glad to see that they have some gift certificates back on the rewards section. Great deal, I get to rate companies and get free dinner.
# 5610101010.00
# 5510101010.00
# 549898.67
So far they seem like a reputable company. My limited experience has been profitable! Thanks for the coupons.
# 539999.00
I love the coupon book, has great deals!
# 528998.67
I loved the service they gave me it was an excellent job, i was surprised with how well they treated me.
# 51710109.00
So easy to rate things on the internet.
# 5010101010.00
I really like this idea of getting things for my opinions.
# 4910101010.00
Fantastic Local coupons amazing selection
# 489999.00
This is such a great idea. I think getting feedback from other people just like yourself is much more valuable than just going it alone, or going off what the store sense- consider... [Read More]
# 477998.33
a neat site that lets you speak out
# 4610101010.00
A cool website that makes your opinions heard.
# 459999.00
I just think this is such a great idea. It will keep businesses on their toes.
# 4410989.00
I just stumbled upon it and it looks like a great idea.
# 4391099.33
# 4210101010.00
Cool idea and concept. Love the free cash.
# 4110101010.00
I love the free money! And good advice of area businesses!
# 4010888.67
This is an interesting concept -- like epinions, but more focused on local areas. More useful for me!
# 3910101010.00
they give you free stuff for your opinion
# 387998.33
# 3710888.67
I think that this is a wonderful idea! I've learned a lot since I've been visiting this site.
# 3610999.33
Great concept and an excellent and easy way to make additional money or discounts. Definitely will use as a way to determine if a certain vendor is worth my time and money.
# 357898.00
Great idea getting feed back from customers.
# 34810109.33
This is a great place to get coupons and information about companies. We have been trying several places that have posted restraunt coupons, places we would never have even known ... [Read More]
# 3310101010.00
Great company, great service.
# 327777.00
# 317977.67
# 309999.00
Cool idea for companies to see how they are doing to please local patrons. Will visit this site frequently in the future.
# 2910101010.00
Great Idea. Nice place to find things out about the local area.
# 2810101010.00
I just discovered your site after seeing a business card while fixing my windshield. Great idea for advertising and feedback.
# 2710101010.00
I have just started posting on, but I am enjoying seeing what others have to say about some of my favorite and least favorite places of business. The rewards seem ... [Read More]
# 268988.33
This is a great way for a company to get customer feedback. Often customers don't take the time to give feedback.

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