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5435 West 11000 North
Highland, UT 84003

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 9.60 9.10 9.30 9.34
# 10910109.67
Great place to be! Got it for a really good deal.
# 98998.67
Lots of space to fit many people in without feeling too crowded.
# 810999.33
This place is one of the best deals around.
# 7109109.67
Their pizza and pasta is decent, and their salad is very good. Everything is unlimited. I love the pasta sauces available for dipping your pizza in, too. They also have dessert piz... [Read More]
# 610888.67
This place is a great deal.
# 510101010.00
it's the best
# 410101010.00
It is a great family restaurant
# 3101099.67
You definitely get your money's worth here. There is a decent selection of pizza, salad, and pasta for a very good price. There's always coupons out for this place
# 210888.67
# 198109.00
Great help staff and good overall price and food quality.

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