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190 W. Center
Orem, UT 84058

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.81 8.94 8.64 8.80
# 869999.00
Good pizza that you can bake at home! I have always had positive experiences with the service here.
# 8571088.33
The ingredients are so fresh and you know it's cooked hot right there
# 847777.00
# 839999.00
I love the freshness. Staff is always friendly. Price is great!
# 829999.00
good stuff
# 8110101010.00
Great Food! The salads are superb, as well as the pizza. Well worth the price. I've been a Papa Murphy's customer for several years and have never been disappointed.
# 8010101010.00
Very quick service, clean restaurant.
# 7989109.00
Very fast service
# 789999.00
Great price for what you're getting!
# 7710101010.00
Had my pizza ready before I even got the change back into my purse.
# 769999.00
# 759999.00
Great value and terrific pizza.
# 7471088.33
Took awhile to get the pizza but it was worth it
# 73910109.67
the best pizza in the world
# 729577.00
This place is great for when you don't feel like making dinner! I love the fact that they have so many different kinds of pizza to choose from.
# 719888.33
# 7010999.33
When I have time to cook the pizza myself I always go to papa murphy's. Thier pizza is the best. My mouth is watering for some right now. Plus they always have plenty of cou... [Read More]
# 698798.00
OK pizza. Not the best. Tastes like a take home pizza, not a delivered one.
# 6861098.33
i love the bread sticks that these folks serve they are so good. they are usually pretty quick with getting your pizza ready and the pizza its self is really good as well. the pric... [Read More]
# 67101099.67
The crust is much better than pizzas baked and delivered cooked. The price is grat and I can get the crust as crispy as I want to.
# 66101089.33
you guys have great tasting pizza and prices are also great.
# 6510101010.00
This is our favorite pizza!
# 646776.67
I suggest calling your order in, it takes awhile. its pretty good, I would rather just go get dijorno from smiths though
# 638857.00
# 6210101010.00
I love being able to order ahead and pick up the pizza at the drive through.
# 6110989.00
Good Pizza, doesn't take a lot of time to order and bake.
# 608888.00
# 5991099.33
# 5810888.67
Good pizza and a better price!
# 57109109.67
Very friendly and courteous service - even when we arrived at near closing time!
# 56101089.33
Excellent price for delicious pizza--quick service too! Lot's of available coupons sweeten the price even further.
# 5510999.33
Terrific pizza for the price. Great, fresh ingredients.
# 548988.33
A little greasy but very good.
# 5310999.33
great pizza,great price
# 5210999.33
service was fast and food was really good.
# 5110101010.00
great value for your money.
# 50910109.67
Your Chicago style pizza is great - it's much better than I can make at home.
# 497476.00
We were not impressed when we found hairs in our pizza
# 487898.00
The people are friendly and they are very willing to help with whatever you need.
# 4710101010.00
Good pizza

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