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3210 N University Ave
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 377-4499

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Avg: 7.58 8.74 8.11 8.15
# 627898.00
My husband really liked this pizza. I thought it was pretty good, but nothing special. It took a long time to get our food and to be helped.
# 619999.00
# 607645.67
# 597645.67
They got our order wrong and only put pineapple on a canadian bacon/pineapple pizza. They also were slow to help at the counter although they were very busy at the time.
# 58710109.00
# 5710101010.00
# 567977.67
This is our favorite pizza place. They have the best chicken alfredo pizze -- Nob Hill Pizza -- anywhere
# 559999.00
Great food. Eat at the Center Street one more often, but this place has the same great food!
# 5410101010.00
I eat here for lunch 2-3 times a week. Great pizza and luch special.
# 537977.67
who would have thought that sourdough pizza would be so good. My mom brought it home to me and didnt tell me it was sourdough so I ate it and man was I shocked when she told me wh... [Read More]
# 529988.67
Very good pizza. They also have a great lunch special. I really like all of their specialty pizzas. Good breadsticks too.
# 518888.00
pretty decent. i think the pizza is good, the price is right and i think it is awesome how they support so many local teams affiliated with byu.
# 507777.00
ok pizza, unique taste with the sourdough. A bit expensive for what you get
# 498998.67
Prices alittle high but the pizza is great.
# 483433.33
# 4781088.67
Can't wait to go back again. One of the best pizza's I've ever had.
# 46710109.00
Great food, decent prices, that is the way to go.
# 4571098.67
We love their pizza. I haven't found a better pizza in Utah! Friendly workers.
# 4481099.00
This is the best pizza in Utah. We love it!
# 437867.00
The pizza here is great. There has been a change in ownership and they are a bit sticky about accepting coupons, including those from the Company Rank coupon book.
# 427887.67
# 417998.33
great alfredo sauce and crust
# 407988.00
The pizza is really good , pretty different because of their unique sourdough !
# 399757.00
love the sauce not the dough
# 388988.33
Incredible pizza, very unique.
# 378877.67
Try the B-B-Que Chicken it is SO amazing tasting!!!!!!
# 367445.00
It wasn't that great. I would need another gift certificate to go there again.
# 356776.67
Great Pizza but a bit pricey. They did honor a coupon, however, that brought the price down.
# 3479108.67
Superb, unique, delicious!
# 3371098.67
BBQ Chicken Pizza is A+++
# 3210101010.00
# 31109109.67
# 303945.33
# 299988.67
# 287988.00
Food is really, really great, but can be pricy.
# 2771078.00
a tad pricey but the pizzas are so good. The Nob Hill is super, the chicken garlic one gets ya right in the jaws. Mmmm pizza sounds great right now from there
# 265997.67
Your variety of pizzas is awsome the alcaztraz is very good it has a taste that I've not experienced any where else. Thie is important to us consumers we need a good variety t... [Read More]
# 259999.00
# 248988.33
Gourment pizza.
# 238988.33
Wonderful pizza!

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