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395 N State Lindon
Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 785-1715

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.36 8.68 8.48 8.50
# 1027998.33
Love the food.
# 1019988.67
This is one of my favorite places! They have good food and have never disappointed me with their service. There have been a couple of times (out of the many that we have been the... [Read More]
# 1008898.33
Don't like how long you have to wait to be seated. The food is pretty good, I like the chili verde burrito.
# 99810109.33
# 9851098.00
warning this place is not the cheapest around and everything seems to add up, but the food and drinks are worth it. the desserts are not bad either. the environment is fun for a d... [Read More]
# 977887.67
Drinks were good
# 96710109.00
Love their food. Sometimes i spend more than I expect here. But the quality can't be questioned. Great family Mexican restaurant.
# 9510101010.00
Really good food, great service, fun atmosphere.
# 948898.33
great atmosphere - carefree fun. great food at a great price.
# 93810109.33
# 92810109.00
My fiance and I go here all the time. We love the fried ice cream! They have the best chips and salsa and town too!
# 919999.00
My husband and I went here on our first date. We were sat next to the kitchen so it was rather noisy. The food is always great and the waiter was very friendly. We had a great t... [Read More]
# 906666.00
Way overrated! Not at all authentic. The sun room is nice.
# 899999.00
The food is good, but the ambiance is not as enjoyable as Provo.
# 88910109.67
The food here is awesome! We had never been here before, but the coupons attracted us to give it a try. We especially love the chips and salsa!
# 879999.00
great food and great service
# 8691089.00
# 8591099.33
Deep fried ice cream is my favorite. All of the food is quality and delicious.
# 8481099.00
This is my favorite mexican restaurant around here. Their Chicken Burrito is amazing. The atmosphere is great and the waiters/waitresses are always friendly and you can tell they... [Read More]
# 839988.67
Best Mexican Food in the Valley
# 829898.67
The salsa and chips are always good. The service is usually good, although I sometimes get a slow waiter.
# 817777.00
I love the atmosphere at Los Hermanos, but it is really loud there and hard to carry on private conversations.
# 809999.00
It is a wonderful place to eat out. We were very happy and will be returning. Buy a T-Shirt and receive an eternal coupon for a free specialty drink.
# 797687.00
The food in Provo restaurant is much better.
# 7881099.00
I love their food. They work fast too considering how busy they always are
# 775645.00
Reception area/payment area is too small and front desk people tend to not say please or thank you for the customer's patronage. Food is above average quality, not excellent. ... [Read More]
# 766897.67
Service was excellent. Nice place. A lot of food, and good chips and salsa.
# 7581099.00
# 7410101010.00
Their chips and salsa are the best. Great atmosphere.
# 738998.67
The long waiting lines speak for themselves. Great food and friendly service!!! This establishment is one that comes to mind when the family or business is going for a day/night ou... [Read More]
# 728998.67
# 71101099.67
GREAT food and service!!!
# 70108109.33
Los Hermanos is a favorite of mine and also my friends. We go there all the time, and some waiters even know us by name! It's a great environment and a fun place to eat out.
# 698988.33
# 6899109.33
We love Los Hermanos and always have fast and great service when dining in or taking out
# 679999.00
I ALWAYS get the fajitas. Nothing but praise for this place. Always very good.
# 667887.67
More chips and salsa could have come quicker. Drink was empty before refilled
# 657998.33
# 649878.00
One of the best values in Utah County!
# 639999.00
Excellent service and food.

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